We combine innovation and sustainability to design solutions that drive the future of smart mobility. 


We develop highly advanced products to improve mobility

Movyon Electronics is Movyon’s hub dedicated to the design and manufacture of electronic equipment intended for Intelligent Transport System and Electronic Toll Collection solutions.

With highly specialist expertise and intensive R&D in the field of electronic devices, we offer excellent, strategic technological products for the mobility sector.


The Heart of Technological Innovation in the Autostrade per l’Italia Group

Movyon is a leader in the development and integration of Intelligent Transport Systems, Tolling and Infrastructure Management solutions and a center of excellence in research and innovation for the Autostrade per l’Italia Group. 

It operates in Italy and abroad offering cutting-edge technology solutions to road and motorway operators, public administration and service providers so that they can ensure smart, sustainable and safe mobility for the community. 

With Movyon Electronics, a wholly owned subsidiary, Movyon provides end-to-end solutions, with its unique ability to develop application platforms and technology devices that can be integrated with each other or with third-party products. This means the company can guarantee its customers high levels of flexibility, control and quality throughout the value chain.


Twenty years of experience in electronic, mechanical and mechatronic systems

Always focused on innovation and quality, we operate in the market to support our customers to contribute synergistically to the development of successful technological solutions: 

our engineers and IT experts follow all stages of product design [mechanical, hardware, software and radio frequency] step by step, exploiting the latest and most advanced technologies so that we can offer our customers tailor-made solutions and ensure thorough quality control. 

Our people have extremely diverse specializations with specific expertise in the areas of radio frequency, digital and analog electronics, FPGA components, automatic control, low-level firmware for customizing operating systems, and various platforms designed for analysis, real-time programming, and development of high-level management packages.

Development systems, languages, and environments
  • DEVELOPMENT LANGUAGES: C, C++, C#; assembler (per ARM7/9/11/Cortex-M3, Cortex A8-A9, Motorola, National HPC, Hitachi, DSP Texas, DSP Analog Devices, X86), HTML, Java, Verilog, System_C, Python, PHP, Perl, ASP.Net, SQL, MySql, jQuery, OpenCL, CUDA, CAPL, Pascal/Delphi;
  • DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENTS: Xilinx, Altera and Lattice programmable logic; CodeComposer, CodeWarrior, VisualDSP; uVision;
  • COMPILERS: Gnu, Metrowerks, DIAB, Introl, Keil;
  • OPERATING SYSTEMS: Real Time Multitasking for Embedded systems, Windows, Windows CE, FreeRTOS, embOS; Linux (PC, embedded);
  • VERSION CONTROL SYSTEMS: Tortoise SVN, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Manti;
  • SIMULATIONS SYSTEMS: Stateflow, Matlab, Simulink, RealTimeWorshop, Modelism, CST, PSPICE;
  • DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENTS: QT Creator, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Android SDK, Code Bloks, uVision (Keil), Softune, Kdevelop, ST cube, Coide;
  • DATABASE: MySql, Access, Microsoft SQL Server;
  • APPLICATIONS: MatLab, StateFlow, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, Keil, Softune, QT Creator, Canalyzer, CanKing, Microsoft IIS, Canoe, Candela, Quartus II, ISE, VIvado, Modelism, CST.
Radio frequency
  • RF&MW circuits (up to 24 GHz): LNA, RF&MW Amplifier, RF&MW Mixer, Filters, Digital Mo-Dem implementable on FPGA or DSP, Transceivers. The application field is particularly focused on mobility and automotive-related environments in which RSU devices have been developed for 5.8 GHz Telepass and TC278 DSRC systems. This expertise can also be extended to industrial or military applications.
  • Dedicated transceiver modules for the ISM bands (434 MHz, 868 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz) with the option of building “proprietary” radio links for custom industrial or private applications.
  • Microstrip, single patch and patch array antennas up to 24 GHz.
  • Test machines for testing RF circuits.
  • Consulting on setting up small to medium volume RF circuit production.
Hardware design and development
  • MICROCONTROLLERS: Intel PXA270, ADSP532, LPC2xxx (ARM7), LPC17xx (ARM Cortex-M3), IMX25 (ARM9), IMX53 (CORTEX A8), S3C2410, S3C2442, STM32xxx, S32 xx, IMX8, IMX6, Zynq
  • COMMUNICATION LINES AND BUSES: USB, Ethernet (TCP/IP), CAN, CAN FD, Ethernet BroadR-reach, LIN, serial (UART, SPI, HDLC, K-L, RS232, RS485), PCI, PCI Express, LVDS, CameraLink
  • WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM / GPRS / LTE / 5G modem, GPS / Glonass / Beidou / Galileo, Digital radio UHF. +, 5.8 GHz, 24 GHz, V2x, C-V2x, RFID (ISO18000-63) architectures

Our products are designed and manufactured to comply with one or more of the main references


  • Radio Equipment Directive (RED, 2014/53)  
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC, 2014/30)
  • Low voltage (LVD, 2014/35)


  • Regulation 10 (E mark)
  • EN 68068
  • ISO 16750
  • ISO 60529 (IP)
  • Main manufacturers’ procurement specifications
  • Machinery Directive (2006/42)


  • UKCA (United Kingdom)
  • FCC/IC (United States/Canada) 
  • Anatel (Brazil)
  • Gteki (Japan)
  • C-MArk (Australia/New Zealand)

Our story

Movyon Electronics was founded in 2005 with the aim of focusing its business in the automotive and smart mobility sectors, where the market demands strong design capabilities to create electronic devices and the related firmware.


Thanks to the contribution of specialists with twenty years of experience in electronic design and software development, Infomobility srl is founded with the aim of strengthening the design of devices for tolling and traffic monitoring.


The need for application customization and the demands from the European market prompts Infomobility srl to develop its own 5.8 GHz antenna that would meet the stringent electronic tolling regulations, both national and European. The project involves the separation of the fields, with a specific section for radio frequency, which is highly specialized, and a supporting digital section, which implements the modulation/demodulation and spectrum control features on an FPGA platform.


Automotive-specific electronic control units are implemented and developed in parallel with the traffic management field. This field led Infomobility srl to collaborate with the Japanese/American multinational Topcon, a world leader in industrial applications of lasers and precision positioning.


Entry into the corporate structure of Topcon, a Japanese/American multinational corporation.


In the field of traffic monitoring, a 24 GHz FMCW radar is developed and is used in the Tutor Sicve project, among others. The purpose of this device is to measure speed, trigger the camera to take a photo and exploit a neural network to classify passing vehicles according to legal classes.


Collaboration with Continental VDO starts to design a device for checking that the new family of wireless tachographs are installed correctly on heavy vehicles as they will become mandatory from 2020.


After years of fruitful cooperation, Movyon Spa acquires 100% of the capital of Infomobility srl.


To strengthen its market presence and product portfolio, Infomobility srl acquires 100% of Control Card Srl, a national leader in vehicle classification systems and a manufacturer of innovative two-way automatically rearming synchronization barriers.A new product is developed for infrastructure-to-vehicle dialog in view of regulations to strengthen traffic safety information.

V2X and C-V2X antennas are the basis of this information exchange and are set to increasingly populate our cities and freeways.


Infomobility Srl and Control Card Srl merge and Movyon Electronics Srl is founded.
The electronic and mechanical design and manufacturing hub for Intelligent Transport Systems and Electronic Toll Collection solutions is born.