Automatic vehicle classifier

Optical scanner

The BCI-1005 optical scanner automatically and accurately identifies the vehicle class in toll lanes, ensuring vehicle identification and classification. In fact, its advanced technology makes it possible to accurately identify the start and end of the vehicle, the height, the number of axles, including raised axles, and the presence of draw bars in real time. 

The use of optical lasers for classification means the device can be installed without invasive work on the lane and does not require time-consuming maintenance.

In addition, the BCI-1005 optical scanner is designed to withstand and work properly in a variety of environmental conditions, and in low visibility and/or with sun glare.

The BCI-1005 optical scanner is available in two heights to respond to different pricing methods:

BCI-1005 1.90 m: mainly for Italy and Europe
BCI-1005 2.95 m: mainly outside the EU


  • Sensing technology: optical with infrared laser diodes.
  • Structure: two units communicating via laser on either side of the lane.
  • Operating temperatures: -20°C to +60°C
  • Detection: measures all axles, including raised axles, and identifies the presence of a draw bar.
  • Routine diagnostics and maintenance carried out via network.



Ensures accurate vehicle classification.


Counts axles in real time without the need of post-processing, a key feature for dynamic transits.


 It works efficiently in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog and strong sunshine.


Capable of identifying raised axles and a truck drawbar, it avoids misclassification errors and ensures the correct toll is charged.

The automatic vehicle classifier has two main applications:

  • Road concessionaires.
  • Access control in complex areas such as, for example, interports and farm produce centers.

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