Tracker X

Fleet management

Tracker X is a quick-to-install device based on advanced telemetry and tracking technology, designed for monitoring and data acquisition to support effective vehicle fleet management. It can be installed either inside the vehicle cabin or under the body, excluding the engine compartment.

Equipped with LEDs message reception and quickly checking its operating status, its great customization flexibility allows it to be adapted to customer needs.


  • Advanced Technology
    Equipped with a board based on a powerful microcontroller with CAN interface, “combo” radio module (LTE, GPS/GNSS, Bluetooth), memory for data storage, and a set of sensors for measuring vehicle acceleration.
  • Mobile 4G connectivity
    Lenables data exchange via a reliable connection.
  • Vehicle interfacing
    Interfaces with the vehicle CAN network for detailed monitoring of vehicle behavior, including motion and acceleration data. Other serial interfaces can also be installed for full customization.
  • GPS/GNSS localization
    Real-time tracking of vehicle location.
  • Advanced sensors
    Equipped with accelerometer, gyroscope and compass sensors.
  • Powered from vehicle battery
    Powered directly from the vehicle battery to ensure easy installation and management.


Digital fleet management

You can manage your fleet digitally, improving the efficiency and productivity of transport-related activities.

Real-time monitoring

GPS tracking allows all vehicles in the fleet to be shown on a synoptic display in the Control Room.

Real-time communication

Customized messages can be sent to devices in real time for more effective communication.

Timing estimation

Real-time tracking enables accurate estimation of travel times and verification of the best route to take, thus improving route and delivery planning.

Driver safety

Connecting to control units means that the operations center can monitor driving and rest times, driving style, distance traveled, and download data from any digital tachographs.

Vehicle status monitoring

Sharing vehicle telemetry data allows assessment of vehicle health, either remotely or in person via a handheld device.

Its flexibility, connection to CAN lines and highly customizable software makes this device ideal for applications in various fields.

  • Vehicle rental: companies involved in short- and long-term rental, leasing and similar businesses can benefit from improved efficiency and safety.
  • Logistic nature: companies involved in placing, transporting, assigning and authorizing drivers can improve their operations through the tracking and monitoring made possible by the device.
  • Insurance market: he data collected can help support insurance underwriting and claim verification.
  • Vehicle maintenance: enables remote management of work to be done such as tire replacement, overhauls, and routine and extraordinary vehicle maintenance.

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