Roadside Unit

The C-ITS RSU represents a step forward in implementing advanced technologies to improve road safety and facilitate the transition to autonomous driving systems.
It is an advanced Roadside Unit device designed to be installed along roads to enable two-way wireless communication between the road infrastructure and the On Board Unit in the vehicle.
By supporting all V2X standards, it helps improve road safety through advanced monitoring of road events and sharing useful information to passing vehicles.
The solution was fully developed by Movyon Electronics and can be customized to meet customer needs.


  • Supports all V2X standards.
  • 5.9 GHz frequency band.
  • GNSS module to ensure precise time synchronization.
  • Two-way antenna for networking with other RSU devices and vehicles.
  • Connection to remote infrastructure via Ethernet or optional modem (LTE or 5G).
  • High computing power and advanced cyber security levels.


Improved road safety

Reducing accidents through advanced communication between vehicles and infrastructure.

Information Sharing

Informs passing vehicles of any conditions or problems along the road.

Precise time synchronization

The GNSS module ensures that the time is accurate to allow the correct exchange of information.

Advanced connectivity

Networking enables dialog with other RSU devices and vehicles, creating a cooperative environment among infrastructure and users.

Double international standard

Implements both the V2X and C-V2X standards, allowing use in any market.

The C-ITS RSU is intended for freeway managers and concessionaires, municipalities, and provincial and state freeway operators, both in Italy and abroad.

Traveling end users also benefit from the installation of these devices as they receive useful information to improve road safety along the route traveled.

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